Xiaomi SmartMi Pure humidifier, No water fog (SKV6001EU)

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  • smartmi XIAOMI AIR Humidifier Main Features

    *Natural Evaporative Humidifier.

    *4.0L large capacity water tank.

    *Conveniently inject water, It can work 16 hours.

    *Automatic detection of air, Smart humidification, Mobile APP remote control.

    *Timing switch machine.

    *Smart multiple security protection.

    Detailed parameters

    Xiaomi Evaporative Humidifier
    No powder, No spray.
    Natural Evaporative Humidifier

    Ordinary humidifiers only increase the humidity of the surrounding air, and more water fog falls on the ground.
    The Xiaomi Evaporative Humidifier naturally increases the ambient air humidity evenly, and the humidifier ranges further.

    Xiaomi Evaporative Humidifier ( No water fog )

    Ordinary humidifier ( water fog )

    240-250ml/h High Efficiency humidification.
    Evaporation Humidification
    Convenient water injection
    4L Large water tank

    The use of natural evaporation principle, similar to the lake, through the evaporation of water, increase air humidity, no impurities.
    Uniform effect on ambient humidity.

    No spray, no need to worry about wet floors, more to enjoy the water moisture.

    36 Blade Evaporation
    Full contact with water, forming evaporation layer, let the air quickly through evaporation blades,
    humidification 240-250ml per hour.

    For daily safe use, the water tank and electrical components can be separated.

    In the process of evaporation, avoid impurities such as calcium and magnesium in the water, furniture and floors without powder.Tookfun.

    34.3dB (Grade A), using brushless DC motor fan, strong and quiet, energy saving.

    Convenient water injection.

    Automatic evaporation, even if the low water level.
    Simple Operation panel.
    4L large capacity water tank.
    Supports automatic power off protection.
    The water tank is easy to clean.

    Intelligent control, humidification preset your own comfortable environment
    it can judge for themselves the environment humidification conditions, in humidity under the condition of 40% or less, improve atomization piece of vibration speed and fan speed, let more moist air into the environment. In humidity >60% of the environment, control the humidifying speed under certain limits. To ensure lasting human body comfort humidification. When the environment humidity 70% automatically stops humidifying. The humidity to maintain the standard scope in a healthy and comfortable.

    1.Humidify: humidifies the air in the room during summer and winter, refresh the quality of air we breathe, adjusts the temperature in the room.
    2.Beauty: refreshes skin and can be taken as a skin care, keeps skin healthy and moist.
    3.Purify: neutralizes static, reduce infection of skin , purify the home air
    4.Decoration: warms atmosphere in the room by adding perfume or essential oil in the atomizer

    Beauty salon, SPA, Yoga, Bedroom, living room, conference room, office, reception center, corridor, pet room, toilet, baby room, hotel, hospital or any other private/public places.

    Packaging include:
    1  x  Xiaomi Air Humidifier
    1  x  Charger adapter
    1  x  Box
    1  x  Instructions

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