Xiaomi Smart Pet Food Feeder

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24-hour automatic pet feeding
Automatic feeding | Waterproof and fresh | Smooth dispensing | Smart scene link-up
Automatic dispensing with fixed timing and dosage
Scientific diet management around the clock

It is paired with Mi Home/Xiaomi Home app, so you can control the dispensing time and dosage from anywhere, making travelling more enjoyable and pet feeding more conventient and scientific.

Smooth dispensing system
Regular dispensing times
The unique six-grid dispensing structure, flexible soft silicone food stirrer and dispensing blades have been tested to over 10,000 dispensing cycles* to ensure smooth dispensing via a wide channel that effectively prevent blockages.
Xiaomi Smart Pet Food FeederXiaomi Smart Pet Food FeederXiaomi Smart Pet Food Feeder
Six-grid dispensing structure for fixed quantity dispensing
Smooth food stirrer + blades
Wide dispensing channel suitable for various dry pet foods
Maximum kibble diameter: 5–12 mm

4.5 mm Diameter of a gel-ink pen refill
5 mm Min. kibble diameter
10 mm Diameter of an AAA battery
12 mm Max. kibble diameter
14 mm Diameter of an AA battery
A kibble that has an excessively large or small diameter may cause a blockage.Not suitable for freeze-dried food or special-shaped kibble.
Xiaomi Smart Pet Food Feeder

Customized smart pet feeding solution

Xiaomi Smart Pet Food FeederXiaomi Smart Pet Food FeederXiaomi Smart Pet Food Feeder
Connect to the Mi Home/Xiaomi Home app
Scheduled and scientific feeding
Smart refill reminders via the app

Tap to add food remotely via the app

Set fixed time and quantity of automic feeding in the Mi Home/Xiaomi Home app and remotely dispense extra food, even when away from home

Real-time smart food level monitoring via the app
Two sets of sensors constantly monitor the remaining food and dispensing status. Food shortages or errors are indicated by the feeder light and on the Mi Home/Xiaomi Home app.

Scheduled feeding even without power or Internet

The saved feeding schedule and built-in emergency power suppply ensure regular dispensing even in the event of a network outage or power failure.
Triple-sealed to keep food fresh, dry and delicious
Xiaomi Smart Pet Food Feeder360° silicone lid sealing ring
Xiaomi Smart Pet Food FeederReplaceable desiccant cartridges for food compartment
Xiaomi Smart Pet Food FeederHidden revolving feeder door
Xiaomi Smart Pet Food Feeder
Large capacity for durable use
Specially designed for cats and small-to-medium gogs, it can store approx. 1.8kg dry pet food, sufficient for a grown cat or small dog for 15 to 20 days while the owner is away from home for daily or short-distance travel.

Xiaomi Smart Pet Food FeederXiaomi Smart Pet Food Feeder
≈1.8 kg dry pet food
≈20 days food supply

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