Scooter Front Wheel Hub Reflective Sticker - Red (M-59D-R)

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Scooter Front Wheel Hub Reflective Sticker Motor Protective Cover Shell for M365 pro Scooter Night Safety Accessories

Fit for: M365/Pro/Pro 2/1S Electric Scooter

1,Made of PVC material, it features good reflective effect, safe and reliable at night, high practicality.

2,Designed specifically for scooter front wheel hub, it can be attached to any part of the car body to increase the reflection effect of night riding, which is more safe for riding.

3,Sticking to the motor, it can not only reflect the effect, but also beautify the motor, wear a coat for the scooter.

4,Waterproof effect is good, it can also be reflected in rainy days, and it will not fall off easily. It can be attached to the body for a long time, which has the effect of dustproof.

5,It is easy to paste, you can choose different lengths according to different body, and control the length of the reflective strip yourself, not to waste.

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