Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro

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Color: Graphite
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Galaxy Buds2 Pro

Three Galaxy Buds2 Pro devices are lined up. The Bora Purple Galaxy Buds2 Pro device in the front has two buds hovering above the closed case. The middle White closed case is followed by a Graphite closed Buds2 Pro case.

  • Ultimate Hi-Fi sound in your ear
  • Seamless connectivity
  • Comfortable fit
  • The ultimate Hi-Fi sound now wirelessly


The clear choice for quality sound

A woman enjoying herself while DJing at a party with Buds2 Pro in her left ear.


Hear sound
as it was intended,
wirelesslyThe inside mechanics of the Buds2 Pro.

2-way speakers
for wide frequency response
delivers deeper bass
produces crisp treble

Hi-Fi audio

A purple Galaxy Flip device on the left and Buds2 Pro in the same color on the right.
A 3D sound wave with fragments in the waveform to indicate a less-smooth sound.16-bit
Right shows a 3D smooth sound wave to indicate a smoother sound experience.24-bit

Every note sounds like the real thing because clear audio starts at the source with your favorite Samsung Galaxy device. The upgraded Samsung Seamless Codec encodes the full 24-bit audio and is decoded via Galaxy Buds2 Pro, maintaining that same 24-bit high-quality sound. 


Puts your playlist in focus


Pop open and tap in

Galaxy Buds2 Pro will automatically pop up on your Samsung Galaxy devices and are ready to connect with a tap. As simple as that.

Auto Switch on Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro intelligently detects mobile activity and seamlessly shifts its connection to your Samsung Galaxy phone, tablet and watch.

Switching to answer the phone works even when you're connected to a Samsung TV. Once the Galaxy Buds2 Pro are connected to the Samsung TV via Bluetooth, there is no need to take the earbuds out to answer the phone. Incoming calls can be answered simply by tapping the Galaxy Buds2 Pro twice. 

*Autoswitch with TV only works when using call.


Keep track
of your buds

Worried about losing your Galaxy Buds2 Pro? Don't. With SmartThings Find you can trace your coveted Galaxy Buds2 Pro with the location detection feature. You can even do it without the case. 

Walk away from your Galaxy Buds2 Pro and the integrated alarm is ready to let you know — and your phone will send you a notification so that you don't accidentally leave them behind.


Style in tune with you


In your comfort

A size comparison between the Galaxy Buds Pro and Galaxy Buds2 Pro.
15 %
size reduction
5.5 g
We redesigned the earbuds to be 15% smaller than Buds Pro to fit snugly in your ear.
A lifestyle shot of a woman’s ear that has a Buds2 Pro inside.
A closeup of the ear that has a Buds2 Pro inside.
Enjoy a comfortable fit, thanks to the ergonomically designed earbuds. Enhanced wind flow technology helps reduce ear canal pressure and minimizes noise — for comfort and clarity. 11


Colors that
set the tone

Both the earbuds and cradle are available in a range of premium colors. Each bud is polished to a high gloss with a matte interior that feels soft against your skin. 

Galaxy Buds2 Pro case and earbuds in Bora Purple


Plays all the hits

Two Bora Purple Galaxy Buds2 Pro earbuds are floating in the middle of the screen.

  • Battery

    Get up to 5 hrs of continuous playtime with ANC on and up to 18 hrs in the cradle.
  • Bluetooth 5.3

    BT 5.3 is available and LE Audio will be eventually supported. 
  • IPX7 Water Resistance

    Play on. Rain or shine. Galaxy Buds2 Pro is water resistant against sweat, water and spills.

Active Noise Canceling (ANC) is better than ever.With 3 high SNR (Signal-to-Noise Ratio) microphones, Galaxy Buds2 Pro tracks and eliminates more outside sound — even soft sounds like wind. 3

Switching to in-person conversations is easy with Voice Detect.

Two women laughing and having a conversation while facing each other. The woman on the right has a Buds2 Pro in her left ear.

Simply start talking and Voice Detect will turn off ANC and activate Ambient sound — allowing you to clearly hear the conversation without removing your Buds2 Pro. 3


Hear it like
you're there

With Intelligent 360 Audio, the sound feels more realistic. The 360 Audio algorithms with Direct multichannel (5.1ch / 7.1ch / Dolby Atmos) and Enhanced Dolby Head Tracking make every movement stay in sync — creating an immersive experience. 360 Audio can even pinpoint the direction of the sound as you move your head, giving you the spatial experience. 


Your life in sync

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