Paladone Pac Man and Ghosts Light, Pac Man - Figura coleccionable

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product description:


Pac-Man iconos luz normal modo

Normal mode

Enjoy a colorful screen in normal mode while Blinky, Clyde, Inky and Pac-Man stay on. The classic icons will illuminate your space with a constant and constant light.


Pac-Man iconos de color de luz fase modo

Color phase mode

For ambience, the color phase mode will make the characters slowly light up and go through one by one. You will have your own light show as the icons gradually brighten and fade.


Pac-Man iconos luz partido modo

Party mode

Upload your music in party mode to see the icons flash in time with your beat. There is no need to connect the light to your phone or stereo, the sound reactive light will automatically respond to music.


Pac man Iconos luz junto a rastro de puntos blancos
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