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Deluxe Case-- Aluminum case features a sturdy metal handle and strong metal clasps. Keep all the material organized, perfect for easy carry and storage. Size: 13.5” x 9” x 3.5” (L x H x W)
Case Design-- Designed with convenient lift-out trays make it easy to reach the collection of paints, pastels, and drawing supplies inside.
Art Set Includes-- Silky Crayon x16, Oil Pastels x24, Dual Tip Marker x12, Watercolor Marker x12, Wooden Colored Pencils x24, Rainbow Pencils x6, Eraser, Pencil Sharpener and Coloring Book.
Drawing Supplies-- Washable or Erasable; 3 in 1 Effect Silky Crayon- crayon, pastel and watercolor; Dual Tip Marker, one thin tip, one thick tip; All supplies eco-friendly, non toxic and safe.
Kid Art Set-- Ideal for any kids who loves to doodle or paint, and also can inspire kids’s creavtity and imagination. A nice gift for children at Christmas, holiday or birthday

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