Mi LED Desk Lamp 1S

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12.750 KD 15.500 KD


Xiaomi Mi Smart LED Desk Lamp 1S: A level optical illumination, which gives a more realistic color hue
Fresnel optical lens to make the light more even and natural
No video flashing under any color temperature and brightness, reducing eye burden and protecting eyesight
4 kinds of lighting modes for you to choose
Support Xiao AI and Siri voice control, physical knob to adjust brightness and color temperature
Can access Mi Home APP and Apple  Home Kit system at the same time
Search for “Mi Smart Home” app in the “Apple App Store” or “Google Play Store” to download the APP and connect to your device.
Four Different Lighting Modes

Focus Mode: Users can set a “focus” time and a “rest” time. The lamp will remind users to take a short “breath” for a specified time to enhance work efficiency and reduce visual fatigue.
Read Mode: This mode offers users a more neutral colour temperature, which helps keep readers’ attention for a long period of time without getting tired.
Computer Mode: The blue light from computers often damages your eyes. PC Mode is thus designed to provide a very soft light, reducing the amount of blue light to protect your eyes.
Child Mode: This mode meets

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