Bestway Pool Float Camel 2.21m x 1.32m - 41125


14.950 KD


Camel 2.21m x 1.32m

Inflatable camel with handles is designed for children from 3 years . It is made of high-quality vinyl material and can be used, for example, in swimming pools or swimming pools. The inflatable toy is in the interesting shape of a camel with a length of 2.21 meters and has robust grips to maintain stability. You will also appreciate the enclosed patch and 3 separate air chambers.

Key features of an inflatable camel, 2.21 × 1.32 m

  • Inflatable toy with a length of 221 cm in an interesting camel pattern
  • Made of high quality vinyl with high durability
  • Including repair patch and safety valves
  • The camel is ideal for children from 3 years

Payment & Security

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