Alcatel TCL Mesh, LINKHUB MESH Wi-Fi System 3-Units


59.950 KD


The LINKHUB Wi-Fi Mesh system is anext-genwhole-home Wi-Fi solution that allows users to enjoy 4K/8Kvideo streaming, gaming and working throughout your home seamlessly with an ultra-fast and stable Wi-Fi connection, eliminatingWi-Fi dead zones in every room. The LINKHUB Wi-Fi Mesh workswith your existing router and extend Wi-Fi coverage effortlessly. To extend Wi-Fi coverage, you just need asingle LINKHUB Wi-Fi Mesh thatplugsinto your modem, and place the additional Mesh routersin different areas and/or roomsextend your network to every corner of the house. A set of three Mesh routers can provide Wi-Fi Coverage of up to 5,300 square feet and support more than 90 devices with a strong Wi-Fi connection. With a maximumofnineMesh routers, the Wi-Fisystem coversup to 15,000 square feet, making itan ideal choice for small businessesor hotels.The LINKHUB Wi-Fi Mesh system comesin threeMorandi colorstoperfectly suit your home. With MU-MIMO and Beamforming technology, the Wi-Fi Mesh routers can serve multiple devicessimultaneouslyin straight lines, which helps to minimize interference and strengthen signal as well. Unlike a Wi-Fi extender, the LINKHUB Wi-Fi Mesh only requires one username and password for the whole pack. Meanwhile, users canchoose from any unit of the Mesh router system based on their home size and layout,while enjoying automatic synchronization settingswithin the whole pack. Furthermore, the Mesh router system is Alexa-compatible, allowing you touse voice control to adjust your Wi-Fi settings.The LINKHUB Wi-Fi Mesh system is very easy to setup. Plug it in and sign into theapp, and you’re ready to go. You can also manage your network easily with the dedicated app, scheduleonline screen timefor childrenand control website access to avoid extensive time spent using the internet. Users may also setup a secure guest SSID separately from themain home networkto avoid interference withthemain SSID.

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