8.5 INCH SOLID TIRE For Scooter - BLACK (M-14D )

SKU: M-14D

10 KD


Product name: Solid Tire

Color: Black

Material: Rubber

Size: 8.5 inch wheel

M365 /Pro/Pro2 /1S Electric Scooter Solid Tire 


1.High quality: adopts microcellular foaming technology, light weight, puncture-proof, explosion-proof, strong and durable.

2.Durable: Good flexibility and cushioning capabilities enable the tire to withstand any pressure changes.

3.Designed for the replacement of the front and rear wheels of the Mijia M365 electric scooter.

4.Practical: Tough and elastic rubber tires can ensure grip on different terrains.

5.Easy to install: easy to operate and disassemble, very convenient.

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